As followers of Christ and as artists, Aaron and Tina Ehrlich believe their gifts give them a unique opportunity to reveal a creative God to the creatives th

After graduating from Drake University and looking to supplement her income as a substitute teacher, Amelia Gibson found a part-time job as a Youth Developme

"I am a maker,” Andrew Meyer, 33, said. "I love to make things.

The Janssens view work as more than just a 9-to-5 way to earn a living. They recognize Christ as Lord of all, even in the workplace. 

Forty-five years since the day Duane and Jolene Laugerman met behind the church float at the Veisha Parade at Iowa State in 1972, they have been serving the

Jeremy Low and Karis Wong were both born and raised in Maylaysia. They both chose to study in Des Moines at Drake University.

In one month, Jordan Anderson’s entire life totally changed.

Monica Berenguel first heard the Gospel while attending a small group in Waterloo, Iowa.

In the mid-2000s, Josh Novey was living in Des Moines and not enjoying his current situation.

While many Christians journey across the globe as missionaries, God is using education as a prime mission field for people to know His name. 

Working as an Early Access Home Intervention Teacher with Des Moines Public Schools, Stephanie Shattuck has a unique opportunity to see how parents are child

Growing up, Reese wished someone had told him a person could work with their hands and make a living.