In Focus

Austin Johnson, who attends Walnut Creek Downtown and DMACC Campus Fellowship, captured this sunrise during the annual Campus Fellowship Fall Conference, hos

Based on the work of artist Candy Chang, The Art of Compassion sponsored three Before I Die boards around Des Moines from July through October.

Leading up to Easter Weekend, members of Walnut Creek Church asked the community what they believe about the resurrection of Jesus. 

In August, God provided the Walnut Creek Altoona church plant a building in the heart of Altoona.

Leigha Philips, of Walnut Creek Windsor Heights, teaches English at Roosevelt High School in Des Moines.

On November 1, Walnut Creek held a Grand Welcome Celebration to mark the first Walnut Creek Karenni service.

Campus Fellowship students help incoming freshmen move in to the residence halls during Welcome Week at Drake University.

After demolition began in November, the Downtown building has been in full renovation mode.

Workers put the finishing touches on a new illuminated sign facing I-235 at Walnut Creek Windsor Heights.