Eleazar Ruiz has been designing, writing, and creating for the local church in various mediums his entire life.

Forty-five years since the day Duane and Jolene Laugerman met behind the church float at the Veisha Parade at Iowa State in 1972, they have been serving the

To many, Paul Joy's life seems like an impossible paradox—a confessing Christian who is also attracted to men.

In one month, Jordan Anderson’s entire life totally changed.

Monica Berenguel first heard the Gospel while attending a small group in Waterloo, Iowa.

In the mid-2000s, Josh Novey was living in Des Moines and not enjoying his current situation.

If you were to put together a “Top 10 List” of the most fundamental components of the human experience, what would go on it?

On November 1, Walnut Creek held a Grand Welcome Celebration to mark the first Walnut Creek Karenni service.

As the waves roll in on the shores of Guibia Beach, Immanuel asks strangers for money and food.

Bob Sheely will never forget what his son TJ said during dinner one night last winter: “You really don’t know how close you can get to God until you have a t