Projects With Global Impact

Local organizations making a huge difference across the state and world.
Photo: Wikipedia

1. Peace of Pie
Syrian Refugee Crisis

Megan Griffith of Walnut Creek Downtown and Chrissy Johnson of Walnut Creek South banded together to create Peace of Pie–a delicious fundraiser for a good cause. During the entire month of December, volunteers are donating baked pies which are sold to raise money for Syrian refugees. Funds are distributed through the Christian Alliance Church in Mafraq, Jordan.

2. Blessman Ministries
South African Youth

Each purchase from Lethabo Sewing and Training Center provides women a chance to earn fair wages and learn new skills. Lethabo, which means "Happiness" in Sepedi, was started by Blessman Ministries in 2012. Located in Urbandale, Blessman Ministries works to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the children of South Africa. Online:

3. Meals From the Heartland 
Feeding the Hungry

In November alone, Meals From the Heartland packaged over 4 million meals for hungry families in Iowa and around the world. Meals From the Heartland ships meals internationally to organizations working in communities that daily face hunger. They partner with local food banks in Iowa, too. Sign up to package meals on their website. Online: 

4. Acts 2 Collective
Reaching Ghana and Chad

The mission of the Acts 2 Collective is to care for the most vulnerable for the spread of the Gospel. Their projects range from developing sustainable farming solutions and schools to building sports complexes and opening sex trafficking rescue homes. Located in Huxley, Iowa, Acts 2 Collective works primarily in Ghana and Chad. Online:

5. Beza Threads
Modern Day Slavery
27 million people are currently in slavery throughout the world. All funds from Beza Threads scarf sales go toward freeing, empowering, and providing for men and women in East Africa. Each handmade scarf takes seven hours to complete and can be purchased for $30 on the Beza Threads website. Online:

6. Abod Shelters
Sustainable Housing
Doug Sharp, of Des Moines, designed the Abod Shelter–a sustainable, lightweight, cost-effective home that can be built in just one day. Abod Shelters is dedicated to eradicating destitute living conditions around the globe. They've already built shelters in South Africa, Ghana, and Zambia. Online: